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    Biodegradable kraft paper film bags

    1. The 100% biodegradable plastic packaging film is processed by blending corn starch and polylactic acid (PLA).

    2. 100% biodegradable, in nature (photosynthetic soil) or under industrial composting conditions, it will be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide in 180-360 days.

    3. The film and zipper in the product are made of 100% biodegradable materials. The product has obtained EU certification and passed the compost testing experiment.

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    Paper packaging food box burger box gift box

    1. All materials of the product are 100% food grade.
    2. Product size and printing content can be made according to customer requirements.
    3. Printing methods include offset printing, flexographic printing and hot stamping.
    4. Efficient and strict quality control system, effective packaging solutions.
    5. Used for fast food packaging, french fries, burgers, fried chicken, snacks, cakes, bread, salads, fruit packaging, etc.

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